How do I use Video Chat?

Video Chat is a great way to chat with your friends face to face.

To start or join a Video Chat in either a private group or with one of your friends:

  1. Open the chat with the group or person you want to Video Chat with
  2. In the top right corner, tap the Video Chat toggle

When you start or join the Video Chat, you'll see your Video Chat bubble pop up. Once there are two or more people in the Video Chat, your bubble will be hidden to the right of your screen, but you can always check yourself out by swiping left on the bubbles!

You can mute/unmute anyone in the Video Chat (including yourself) by tapping on the person's Video Chat bubble.

To leave a Video Chat, you can tap the Video Chat toggle to turn it off.


  • Once you have Video Chat toggled on in a chat, you won't be able to switch to another chat until you turn off the Video Chat.
  • Video Chat only works when your device is in portrait mode, trying to start or join a Video Chat in landscape mode will revert Kik back to portrait view.
  • If you're in a private group, up to 6 people can use Video Chat at once.
  • In your main chat list, look out for the Video Chat icon beside a chat, that means the group or person is currently in a Video Chat.
  • If you haven't toggled Video Chat on in a chat, and others are video chatting in that chat, you'll just see their Profile Pictures in their bubbles.

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