How do I join a group chat?

Joining a group chat on Kik is easy :)

With the most recent version of Kik you can join a group chat by scanning a group Kik Code, tapping a group link, by being added to the group by another group member, or if it's a Public Group, you can search for it!

On your iOS or Android device with the latest version of Kik

To join with the group Kik Code:

  1. Pull down from the top of your main chats list to open the scanner screen.
  2. Point your device's camera at the Kik Code.

To search and join a Public Group

  1. From your main chat list tap the + icon
  2. Tap the Public Groups Icon
  3. Search for a topic in the search bar or explore under the Popular Searches banner.
  4. Tap on a Public Group in the list to check out more information about who's in it
  5. To join it, tap Join Public Group
  6. Start Chatting

With the most recent version of Kik we brought back Public Groups! This means people can join a Public Group if they search your #hashtag and tap Join. If you see people joining your group without scanning the Kik Code, without being invited, or without tapping the Group Link, your group is a Public Group. You can tell the difference between a Public and a Private Group by going to the Group Info screen. If you see a #hashtag name in a smaller and lighter font under the Group Name, then it's a Public Group :) If you want to learn how to make a new Private Group, click here!


  • You can also ask your friends to add you to groups they're in. Here's how.
  • Check out this article to learn more about Public Groups
  • If you're repeatedly banned from a Public Group, you may be banned from joining any Public Groups for a period of time.

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