I deactivated my account. How can I start using it again?

To access your deactivated Kik account:

  1. Install Kik on your phone 
  2. Open the app and tap Log In
  3. Login using your username or email address and password. (Can't remember your password? No worries. Just reset it!)

Welcome back :)

When you deactivated your account, your message history was cleared. Once you reactivate your account, you'll still be able to see all the chats you had in your conversation list before you deactivated your account. However, all your message content will be cleared from those chats.

If you see "Nothing Yet" as the message preview to a chat in your conversation list, it means that there are no messages between you and that friend in the chat. Once you start chatting with a friend the "Nothing Yet" preview will disappear.