Is there a way to manage messages from new people?

When you're using the latest version of Kik on iOS or Android, and you receive a message from someone new, the New Chat button will appear at the bottom of your chats screen. To manage these messages:

  1. Tap the New Chat button

     New Chats          
  2. Tap the chat you want to open
  3. Tap Ignore or Chat

     New Chats

If you tap Chat, the chat will be added to your main list and the user will be added to your contacts. Tapping Ignore will give you the option to Delete, Block, or Report.


  • If someone new sends you an image or a content message, it will be blurred. Selecting Tap to Reveal will show you the image or content they sent you. If you exit the chat and then reopen it, the image or content will be blurred again.
  • Don't have the latest version of Kik? It's time for an upgrade! Check out How do I know if my Kik app is up-to-date?