What are Kik Points?

Kik Points was a program that helped people earn points to get special themed Stickers and Smileys.

Now that all Stickers and Smileys are free to download, we decided to shut down the Kik Points program. We want to thank everyone that participated in the program and hope that you enjoy the limited edition Smileys you were able to earn during the life of Kik Points :)

As of March 11th, 2017, Kik Points are no longer in service. This means you'll no longer be able to chat with the Kik Points bot, check your balance, or use your points.

Lots more information about Stickers, Smileys, your Locker, and gifting can be found below!


  • Learn more about Smileys
  • Learn more about Stickers
  • Check out your Locker to view your Smiley collection. Details about Locker are right here.
  • Feeling generous? Learn more about gifting themed Smileys here.

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