Where can I view my themed smileys?

You can view your whole smiley collection in your personal Locker.

To open your Locker:

  • from your Smiley Shop, tap the Lock icon in the top right corner.

Here's everything you need to know about your Locker:

Recently Added

You'll see the most recent smileys you've won, redeemed Kik Points for, or received as gifts at the top of your screen. Tap View All to see all your smileys.


You'll see your most rare smileys here. Tap View All to see your smileys organized by rarity level.


Here you'll be able to see all the Smileys you've received as gifts from your friends. You can also see any Smileys you have more than one of, to make it super easy to decide which ones you want to send as gifts.

Tap on a smiley to gift it to a friend :) For more info on how to send gifts, check out this FAQ.


This is where you'll be able to view all of the packs you have smileys from. The more smileys you get, the bigger your collection grows :)

Tapping on any smiley in your Locker will bring up detailed info about it, including it's name, the collection it's from, its rarity, its emotion, and if it was gifted to you. You'll be able to send it to a friend by tapping Kik or gift it to them by tapping (you guessed it) Gift.


  • To go to the Smiley Shop, tap the Shop icon in the top right corner of your Locker.

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