What should I know before registering an account?

Here's some tips and information to help get you started on Kik:

  • Your username is your identity on Kik. Choose a username that's hard to guess. A combination of letters, numbers and some special characters is the best.
  • The people you share your username with will be able to send messages to you on Kik.
  • You may be asked to complete a CAPTCHA when you finish entering your account info. We take this verification step to help prevent spam on Kik. If you're having trouble solving the CAPTCHA, check out this FAQ for help.
  • People you talk to will be able to see your first and last name, username, and profile picture. They can't see your email address, phone number, or birthday.
  • If you ever need help with Kik, our Help Center has got you covered :)

Once you're all signed up, check out these FAQs from our Help Center for all you need to know about setting up your account, finding your friends, and more.

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