How do I send a GIF?

Gallery Tray

Spread some GIF awesomeness to really express how you feel about cats, pizza, and homework.

On your iPod, iPhone, or Android with the latest version of Kik:

    1. Tap the GIF icon below Type a message... to open the GIF tray.
    2. You can:
      Search for GIFs using the emoji keyboard or search box
              Gallery Tray

      Check out trending GIFs
              Gallery Tray

      Browse Featured GIFs by Hashtag
           Gallery Tray
  1. Tap the GIF You want to send
  2. Tap the Send button at the bottom right corner of the GIF


  • Make sure you keep an eye on the Featured tab to check out specially curated GIFs relating to the category you choose.
  • If you're using an iOS device, press and hold a GIF in your chat to copy it. You'll then be able to paste the GIF to send it in any chat. Just tap the "Type a message ..." field and then tap Paste. GIFs you paste into a chat will appear as an image.
  • If you're using an older version of Kik, GIFs will appear as videos. You can choose to automatically play videos and GIFs you receive: from your Kik Settings, tap Chat Settings, then Auto Play Videos.
  • There isn't currently a way to save GIFs. You can forward them to your friends though! In your chat, just press and hold the GIF you want to forward.

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