How do I find bots on Kik?

You can discover fun and useful bots in our Bot Shop!

To open the Bot Shop on your iPod or iPhone with the latest version of Kik:

  1. From your main chats list, tap +
  2. Tap Discover Bots

In the Bot Shop, you can look for bots by tapping the Search icon in the top right or by browsing through the categories of bots.

Tap any bot to view more info about it. Once you find a bot you want to chat with, tap Chat from the info page to start chatting right away.

Check back often because more bots are being added all the time!


  • If you know the name of the bot you want to chat with, you can pull down from the top of your main chat list to search its username. Tap the bot from the search results and then tap Start Chatting.
  • Want to include a bot in your chats? Check out this FAQ to learn more.
  • To rate a bot or leave feedback on a bot, check out this FAQ.

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