How do I use the bots keyboard?

Replying to bots is simple with 'Suggested Responses'. You'll be able to get the most out of your chat with a bot by using the Suggested Responses keyboard.

Here's what the Suggested Responses keyboard looks like:


Just tap a response to send it.

Because you can chat with bots by using Suggested Responses and by typing messages, you'll be able to switch between keyboards for any bots that use both.

If you'd like to send the bot a message from your keyboard, just tap the "Type a message..." field to start typing a message.

To switch back to Suggested Responses, tap the Suggested Responses icon beside the message field.


  • You'll only see the Suggested Responses icon if your cursor is currently in the message box.
  • Looking for bots to chat with? You'll find them in the Bot Shop. From your main chats list:
    • (on older versions of Kik):tap Search > Bot Shop
    • (on the latest version of Kik ): tap the + icon > Discover Bots

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