What are Kik Optimized Webpages?

Developers (or Kik) can create mobile web pages you can find in Kik. We call these “Kik Optimized Pages” because they are built especially for our app. For example, Sketch is a Kik Optimized Page that lets users send links to sketches to other users in Kik. When you access a Kik Optimized Page, you may be asked to connect your Kik account and accept the developer’s terms of service and privacy policy. We ask you to do this because these developers are third parties, and by accessing these pages you are leaving Kik and need to understand what you are getting into. When you open a link to a Kik Optimized Page, that link will be automatically added to your browsing history in Kik and will remain there until you delete it by following the instructions in the app.

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