Changes to our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

We’ve updated our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service to make them easier to understand and to let you know about some changes to our current services and a few that we’re planning in future. Some of the highlights are below. But please don’t forget to read the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to make sure you understand any changes that may be important to you!

Terms of Service

We’ve simplified our language and removed the detailed descriptions of various Kik services from the Terms of Service to make them more user friendly. You can still find full descriptions on our services and how they work here.  

We’ve clarified some of the terms around advertisements on our services and provided information on how you can interact with advertisers on our services.

Also, on the off chance you have a dispute with us, we’ve given U.S. residents more choice about where it can be resolved (now includes somewhere within 100 miles of where you live).

Privacy Policy

We’ve made it easier to understand the types of information we collect from you when you use our services, how we use it and when we share it. For example, to provide you with our services, improve your experience (including by showing you relevant ads) and develop new services, we collect information about you including your device model, operating system version and your advertising ID.

Coming Soon

We’ve also explained an upcoming feature that makes it easier for you to connect with friends. If you choose not to sync your phone contacts with Kik, you can still upload your phone number and email address to make it easier for friends to find you. Friends won’t be able to see your phone number and/or email address you use for your Kik account, but people who have you in their phone contacts may see your Kik profile. You can still keep your Kik private by exploring the “Privacy Options” when you opt out of Finding Friends and deselect “Let Friends Find Me.” Once this feature is launched, you’ll get the choice to sync your phone contacts and info if you aren’t doing so already. And soon you’ll be able to opt in or out of this feature in Privacy Settings.

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