Where can I leave my feedback for a bot?

It's now easier than ever to leave feedback for or report an issue with a bot directly to the developer with bot ratings! In the Bot Shop, you're now able to give a star rating to a bot. Ratings will help others choose which bots to chat with, and if you decide to leave feedback with your rating, will help developers make their bots better!

If you have any feedback for the bot developer, or are having issues with the bot follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Bot Shop (you can learn how to get there here)
  2. Select the Bot you'd like to leave a rating for
  3. Rate the Bot
  4. Tap Leave Feedback under the stars after you've left your rating
  5. Leave your feedback in the space provided
  6. Tap Send

- If you don't want to include your username in your feedback, unselect the box beside "Include your username"
- You're only able to leave one rating per bot. If you'd like to change your rating, follow the same steps above
- If you want to learn more about bots and how to access the Bot Shop, check out this FAQ

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